• If any of you know the real me, I have never been a true "athletic" person. I have always had my other strengths but balance and coordination has always been a personal struggle for me. I am sharing this post with all my friends because I believe this trainer (Lynn Pernal) has truly changed my life. She somehow has made me extremely dedicated, motivated, determined, and accountable to challenge my own personal physical capabilities. I no longer feel like the little "weak girl" or the woman who can't run a 5k benefit for a sick friend. I am becoming this strong and powerful woman and I can even explain the emotions I feel surrounding my accomplishments so far. Because of Lynn I am empowered, I am evolved, I am overcoming my setbacks and allowing myself to be the best Amy I can be. I recommend her. She made me believe and I am a very hard sell. ❤ Love and peace to you all. - Amy Amy